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Rule #1 Never be #2
Jobs, dudes, and shoes. These are the three things that you should make sure fit right before you commit to them.

— Advice from my friend on being a newly graduated RN (via mahoneybaloney)


Mimi Elashiry at Mercedes Fashion Week

I’m really afraid to feel happy because it never lasts.

—  Andy Warhol (via feellng)

I don’t require sex for happiness. I need companionship. I need a partner I can depend on, that I can love and grow with.

— Erykah Badu (via demmylorelys)


i remember song lyrics from my favorite songs 5 years ago but i don’t remember what i learned in school yesterday

I don’t care about losing people who don’t wanna be in my life anymore. I’ve lost people who meant the world to me and I’m still doing just fine.

— (via raychillster)

Love is so painful, how could you ever wish it on anybody? And love is so essential, how could you ever stand in its way?

— David Levithan (via jaymahribee)

I want your stupid fucking sense of humour making me laugh at 4am when I have to be up at 6.

— (via socaltides)

When I am with you, there is nowhere else I’d rather be. And I am a person who always wants to be somewhere else.

— David Levithan  (via fabulousbitch69)